5 Essential Tips to Discover the Best Heels for Wide Flat Feet


A pair of heels can elevate a woman’s style and sophistication. However, for those with wide flat feet, the quest to find the ideal pair can be daunting. This detailed guide aims to demystify the process and equip you with the necessary knowledge to select the best heels for wide flat feet.

Wide Flat Feet: A Closer Look

Flat feet, also referred to as fallen arches, is a condition characterized by the collapse of the foot’s arch, leading to full or almost full contact of the sole with the ground. This condition can be genetic or develop due to factors like age, pregnancy, obesity, or injury.

heels for wide flat feet

The Inefficiency of Standard Heels for Wide Flat Feet

Standard heels are often crafted with a narrow fit, which can uncomfortably squeeze and constrict wide flat feet. Additionally, high heels can place additional strain on the foot’s arch, aggravating issues related to flat feet.

Key Features in Heels for Wide Flat Feet

Selecting the ideal pair of heels for wide flat feet requires attention to several factors:

1. Width: The shoe’s width is paramount. Opt for heels labeled as ‘wide’ or ‘extra wide.’

2. Arch Support: Effective arch support is critical for flat feet to distribute pressure across the foot evenly and avoid discomfort.

3. Heel Height: Lower heel height tends to be more comfortable for flat feet. Aim for heels no higher than 2 inches.

4. Material: Shoes composed of soft, flexible material will be more accommodating and comfortable for wide feet.

5. Cushioning: Shoes with additional cushioning can help alleviate pressure on your foot’s balls.

Potential Brands to Explore

Certain brands cater specifically to wide and flat feet:

1. Naturalizer: Renowned for their stylish and comfortable shoes, Naturalizer provides a variety of heels designed for wide feet.

2. Clarks: Clarks is celebrated for their comfort technology, incorporating cushioned insoles and arch support.

3. New Balance: While known for sports footwear, New Balance also provides formal shoes with excellent support and width choices.

4. Aerosoles: Aerosoles blends comfort and style with their range of wide-width heels, boasting flexible soles and cushioned footbeds.

5. Walking Cradles: This brand offers stylish heels designed specifically for wide feet, with features like flexible materials and cushioned insoles.


Though it may require some research, finding the perfect pair of heels for wide flat feet is indeed possible. Consider aspects like width, arch support, heel height, material, and cushioning while shopping. Always prioritize comfort when choosing any footwear, especially high heels.

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